[VHFcontesting] For Sale: SMA Superflex cable assemblies

Bill Olson callbill at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 17:24:29 EST 2004

Hi all, Just in time for the Holidays or the January contest! I am selling 
custom made SMA jumper cables, made from brand new Andrew FSJ1-50A 
(1/4")Supeflex Heliax and straight SMA male connectors, Andrew F1PSM. These 
are perfect for connecting that 5 or10gHz dish feed horn to the dish-mounted 
transverter or antenna relay. I can do any length, but obviously 2-4 feet 
would be the norm. The cable has 21.8dB loss per 100ft, and will handle 102 
watts. Cables are tested for loss and VSWR. This stuff blows UT141 out of 
the water for loss and is a whole lot easier to work with than 1/2" which 
only has a couple 10ths of a dB less loss.

If you want to look at one go to eBay auction #5738156015

Price is $42 for up to 24", $43.50 for up to 30", $45 for up to 36", longer 
lengths ask...

These ship really easily by USPS Priority mail for $3.85 to the lower 48, 
but I'll ship them anywhere.

bill, K1DY

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