[VHFcontesting] ARRL VHF+ contest proposals: input invited

John K9IJ k9ij at vx5.com
Fri Feb 20 22:54:28 EST 2004

At 08:12 PM 2/20/2004 -0800, Bob K0NR wrote:
>From: "John Geiger" <johngeig at yahoo.com>
> >Well said Mike.  I can't see how the new point rules
> >encourage anyone to add more bands.  Since a 2.3G QSO
> >would count the same pointwise as a 6 meter QSO, I
> >would do better making a few WSJT skeds than I would
> >adding new bands.  Not exactly the way to encourage
> >activity on the higher frequencies.
> >
> > 73s John NE0P
> >
>   There is a critical assumption here that the goal is
>   to encourage activity on the higher bands. I don't
>   share that assumption or belief (sacrilege!).
>   I think the goal should be to maximize the number
>   of stations active in the VHF contest, without regard
>   to how many bands they operate.

I don't disagree with that, but I do think that encouraging
activity on the higher bands is a significant consideration,
but I don't think it's the only goal or necessarily the most
important. But we need to do it.

>   OK, let me back off a little bit. I do see the value
>   of encouraging people to add bands to their station.
>   But I would argue that not every "VHF" contest needs
>   to have the same set of bands and/or scoring. Some
>   diversity in how the contests are structured could
>   be a real plus. We could have one or two contests
>   use the existing "Really a Microwave Contest" scoring
>   method and maybe the June contest could use a
>   "Really a VHF Contest" scoring method.

I think that adding a 'Limited Single' category could go a long
way towards solving that. I never understood why there wasn't

I wouldn't be adverse to proposal 3, except that I think it should be
the January contest rather than June.  A lot of the good microwave
activity is mountain topping. You can do that in June, but it's a lot
harder to do in January. (Impossible in some areas).

John - K9IJ


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