[VHFcontesting] Rovers again

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Wed Feb 25 19:29:18 EST 2004

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A circle rover does un-natural things that involve mostly working the other
rovers in tow.  They might bother working a few other stations, but mostly
it is more trouble than it is worth.
I take it you have never been a grid circling rover. (I have.)  
Rovers involved in circling are trying to be extremely competitive,
not only against the rest of the country,  but also against the other(s)
the are circling with.  The only way an individual rover in the group 
can beat the other rovers is to work every other station they can hear.
They have to "to adopt operating practices that allow as many stations as
possible to contact them" to win.  The year I did it we had five more
contacts and one more mult than the other rover we were circling with.  
Every possible contact made a difference.  


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