[VHFcontesting] The Issue (2): R2R QSO's

Dan Evans n9rla at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 29 10:46:18 EST 2004

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From: "Ev Tupis" <w2ev at arrl.net>
> Within the context of the underlying activity in question (in this case,
> Grid Circling) as occuring only between Rovers, one wonders if Dan's
> proposal is worthy of more exploration.
I agree.  Bob's, K0NR, idea is the most workable I've seen yet.  With a time
delay before re-entering a grid THAT ONLY APPLIES TO ROVER TO ROVER QSO's.
This way, if I get to a grid corner, I can work everyone I find back and
forth through all 4 grids as much as I want, except another Rover who I
could only work for "one pass" through the grids.

This would eliminate the compounding of scores by Rovers, but would not
effect fixed station to Rover contacts at all.  Plus, since Rover scores
would be much more inline with fixed station scores, I would see no need to
remove Rovers from club scoring.  Which would encourage clubs to outfit as
many Rovers as possible to go out and round up points.

And the real beauty is, it's very simple.

Now back to my planning for June.
6m, 100 watts, Moxon rectangle.
2m, 100 watts, 11 element yagi.
222, 25 watts, 7 elements.
432, 100 watts, 13.5' yagi [I forget how many elements, but it's big!]

10 grids or bust!

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