[VHFcontesting] Mirage Amp problems

Rusty Boling ae4bk at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 7 12:01:37 EST 2004

Having problems with an older Mirage B1016 2M 160W amp for a while now.  Getting reports of distorted audio at all power levels on SSB.  Output power is still good.  Distortion still there even with low drive power and low mic gain.  Does not have the problem on FM and I don't know about CW (havent checked that yet).  Driving the amp with a IC-271A usually and occasionally with an IC-706MKII.  I am guessing the amp is 15-20 years old now and the reports of it beginning to become distorted have happened over the last year or so.  I have eliminated low voltage, RFI (for the mostpart), and poor connection to power supply.  I spoke to K4TO last night and he thinks it could be a bias problem within the amp.  The only thing that I could do to check that was compare readings between the 2 high power transistors.  All voltages on the transistors were consistant with eachother per given power input and output according to my DVM, not that I like 160W on 2M at an armlength away.  Anyon
 e have
 this same problem before and was able to resolve it?  I'd hate to resort to making it FM use only.  Any ideas???  Rusty  NE4ME

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