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Mon Sep 13 11:06:43 EDT 2004

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Who'd have thought that televised card games would be of any  interest?  I 
notice that, with the correct "packaging and  marketing" applied, Texas 
is an exciting spectator sport.   While this may come as no surprise to 
who have been "cable enabled"  for a while, I was astounded as to how well 
marketing plan  worked!  I now understand all of those "Texas Hold'em" kits I 
in  the department stores.

TV poker has two things going for it that radio doesn't:  It is simple  
enough that it can be learned in a few minutes (though not well enough to get  
rich), and there is money involved.
I'm a moderately serious bridge player, a card game that IMHO has a lot in  
common with ham radio.  Without getting into all that, the bridge world is  
struggling to get some of the TV publicity that poker has acheived.   Bridge, 
however, is a much more complicated game to learn.  Money isn't  normally money 
involved, although there could a be lot when two of its  better known players 
(known for other things) get together - Bill Gates and  Warren Buffet.
At minimum, ham radio needs a million dollar pot hanging on  whether W3LPL 
beats KC1XX.
73  -  Jim    K8MR

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