[VHFcontesting] K3LFO/R September 2004 VHF Contest Adventure ;-)

David Erickson erickson+vhf at mddsg.com
Sun Sep 19 16:38:20 EDT 2004

It's kind of nice to have an oppourtunity to share with others the
knowledge and the adventure involved in getting ready for and actually
participating in a contest as a rover.  We've finally put together a
little write up with some pictures of our adventure last weekend and look
forward to the next VHF Contest in January.

Last weekend was a pure joy as we set out and exceeded all of our goals
with very few and only minor Murphy's along the way.  Jim(my dad) and I
are already looking at what improvements to make to the rover prior to the
contest in January.

You can view our write-up at http://www.k3lfo.org/

THANK YOU to all the big guns out there (W3SO, K1RZ, K8EP, W4IY, K3EAR,
K3EOD, K3YTL, K3DNE, and others) that made it a point of helping us work
them on all bands.  They made the operating easy.

Also thanks to Bill W3IY for all the rover design information that he
shares on his web site and the support he offers.  As usual we learned a
great deal and are encouraged to continue as a Rover.

Dave W3DIO w3dio at arrl.net
Jim K3LFO k3lfo at k3lfo.org

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