[VHFcontesting] Downsizing my Rover station

Dan K9ZF n9rla at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 24 14:22:37 EST 2005

Hello All,

I've been giving a lot of thought to down sizing my VHF Contesting / 
Rover station.  I currently use an Icom 746 with transverters for 222 
and 432, which has performed very well.  But, I'm seriously considering 
going to one of the "DC to daylight" mobile rigs to simplify my setup.

Now the question, which one?

I was planning to buy [probably used] an Icom 706Mk2G, or possibly an 
FT100D.  Going over some of the product reviews has left me wondering.   
The reviews are pretty much an even split half say each rig is 
wonderful, half say that each is crap...  Maybe there is a better choice 
out there?

I have always been an Icom fan, but some of the reviews were pretty 
critical of the 706's receiver.  I have nothing against Yaesu, but there 
were enough reports of failures to make me wonder.

Maybe I should stick to my transverters...

I hope all of the Christians on the list have a wonderful Christmas, and 
all of the others have a great holiday.  There, hope that didn't offend 


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