[VHFcontesting] 1.2GHz FM Station For Sale

JT Croteau jt at w6cfo.net
Tue Feb 15 14:31:44 EST 2005

Must part with my 1.2GHz FM Station to finance some other HAM interests.

Kenwood TM-541 in mint condition, used very little.  Complete with box, mic,
and all original documentation.

Diamond NR-124 FM mobile antenna, about 8db gain.  Awesome lil whip.
Antenna was purchased a month ago, new from HRO and has been mounted on my
truck for the same time period.

m2 35-element yagi, 10' boom, 18.4db gain over dipole.  This antenna has
seen very little use and was never installed permanently for any extended
period.  Looks new with no weathering. 

Price: $500 for all plus actual shipping costs.

Only stuff I am looking for in potential trade items at this time are:

GLA Systems 6160 coil
Kenwood TS-850S

Please reply off-list if interested.


- JT

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