[VHFcontesting] CATV RFI from 2m SSB

Lee Scott - AA1YN aa1yn at aa1yn.com
Tue Feb 15 14:40:00 EST 2005

At 01:01 PM 2/15/2005 -0600, DUGAS, JASON A. (JSC-EP) (NASA) wrote:
>Figured I'd send this post out to the VHF reflector since it has nothing to
>do with HF operations...
>I was working a *very* open 2m band on SSB last night and afterwards got a
>phone call from my neighbor asking if I had "been on that ham radio?"
>I reluctantly admitted so, and he said I was killing his television and
>coming through on his computer speakers (computer wasn't even turned on).
>He lives two houses down and unfortunately my beam is pointed right at him.
>Luckiliy(?), his TV is on cable (CATV) and I think this EMI problem can most
>likely be solved.


The first thing I would do is get the CATV people involved as there is 
probably some sort of leak or ground problem on their end.  Is the neighbor 
tied in with the cable for broadband Internet?

Once the cable people check out their stuff, then continue down the RFI 
path. Your neighbor needs also to know there is nothing you can do to 
prevent his speakers from detecting your signal as they are not 
radios.  Also, how old is the neighbors TV?  Do you get interference on 
yours? Which channels? If it's CATV channel 18, then it is definitely the 
cable problem as they use ham radio frequencies for their channels.  Are 
other neighbors having the same problem?

You should also contact your ARRL section technical advisor and get him/her 

Good Luck

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