[VHFcontesting] Drumming up FM activity for contests

KA2AEV@aol.com KA2AEV at aol.com
Sat Feb 19 20:02:28 EST 2005

In a message dated 2/19/2005 7:26:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
tomc7 at earthlink.net writes:
If there is some standard FM
contest freqs in other parts of the country, lets try them.
Thinking about what Tom, K6EU stated about *issing them off is a valued
If we go about (Humm How to say this delicately?) Getting them
Angry at us (Okay that sounds good!) The word will spread like
wild fire throughout their ranks about us "Contesters" stealing
another valued spot of the Non-contesting types bandwidth
and that could actually work against us trying to get them involved!

Does anyone know of a standard that was publised showing
simplex frequencies for use during operating events?
We could use that to our advantage!


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