[VHFcontesting] FM Activity

Buck Calabro kc2hiz at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 15:41:41 EST 2005

This January, during the blizzard, about the only people to give me
QSOs while I was roving were the FM folks.  I called CQ on 144.55 and
446.000 mostly.  It was very much appreciated that people who normally
ragchew on the repeater took the time to monitor simplex.  One other
thing to consider: as a rover, I may have more capability than the
FMer with an HT.  6m is a good example.  There are a bunch of folks
with those tri-band HTs with 6m capability.  With the preamp turned on
and 100 watts out, I can often make those QSOs - their only QSO on 6m
because they can't reach any other home station!
73 de KC2HIZ/r

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