[VHFcontesting] FM Activity

Matthew- KB1EXM kb1exm at sillypeppers.us
Sun Feb 20 13:37:28 EST 2005

As a Rover I started out on FM.  A local contester encouraged me to go 
to a couple of grids and give out points on FM.  I had a dual band 
mobile and had a good time.  Now I have four bands for my rover and 
have gone out with others with 10 bands.  In both cases I have used 
146.55, 223.5, and 446.0 FM to much success.  Some times it helps to 
attract a multi op station that may only have its FM beams pointed my 
direction, mobile stations lurking on the frequencies, and the 
occasional HT that I happen to contact.  If there is a lot of activity 
on SSB the FM is ignored, but if you have two ops in a rover and one 
can run the microwaves and the other can use FM. I don't think we 
should ignore FM. If we can get someone interested on FM this contest, 
maybe next time they will set up antennas for VHF with their multiband 
rig that has never made it above 10 meters.  The only way to expand 
interest is to welcome newcomers is any way we can.


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