[VHFcontesting] Drumming up FM activity for contests

jcplatt1@mmm.com jcplatt1 at mmm.com
Mon Feb 21 14:13:14 EST 2005

In the Twin Cities area the NLRS has had some success with FM contesting by
promoting the contest in advance through the local repeaters (clubs) and
their swap net meetings.    We often have a NLRS club member check in
during the announcement section of the FM net to give a short update about
the upcoming contest.   The short update includes what FM frequencies will
be most active, the contest exchange, the contest hours, and what time to
expect the best activity.    For frequencies we've been using 146.55 and
146.58, 223.5, and 446.   For activity hours we suggest Saturday evening,
say 7:00pm, Sunday morning, say 10:00am, and then again Sunday evening, say
7:00pm again.   Having a few activity hours helps to concentrate (rare)
activity.    Our experience has been that the more you promote this, the
better the results.    If no one promotes it, not much happens.

73, Jon

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