[VHFcontesting] Callsign database and CALL3.TXT

Lee Scott - AA1YN aa1yn at aa1yn.com
Mon Feb 21 14:28:05 EST 2005

There are a number of you who know about my WSJT database, but few know 
about my VHF & Up database.  With the change in format for JT65 and the new 
CALL3.TXT file, I have been getting a few emails about adding many more 
callsigns to the database.  While it would be nice for everyone to have, it 
does create a large workload for one or two persons.  Gathering all sorts 
of data, checking the data and sorting/verifying it takes a lot of time.

The VHF & Up database has been running for a couple of years now and there 
are nearly 1300 callsigns in it.  It is a lot more extensive than just a 
list.  The database gives you the opportunity to describe your capabilities 
on each band and each mode.  With this information, you can download only 
stations which have EME capability on 2 meters or CW capability on 3cm and 
if you want, you can limit it to your local area or country. The problem 
is, in order to make it work, a lot more people need to register and fill 
in their information.

If you are a registrant of the WSJT register, chances are, you're already 
in the VHF & Up database with the same password. If you forgot your 
password, just request the database send it to you. If your email address 
is incorrect, it will get bounced back to me and I post all the returned 
emails.  On the request password page is a link to the list of returned 
emails so if you don't receive it, you need to contact me for the correction.

To see the capability of the database, go to http://www.aa1yn.com/vhf , 
click on the search the VHF database by QTH information, enter my call 
(AA1YN) and my basic information comes up.  Click on my callsign and you 
will see a web page describing my capabilities.  All this information is 
readily available online and searchable.  It is a very powerful tool if you 
use it.

I have finished rewriting the WSJT download on the VHF & Up database.  It 
includes the EME flag and matches the perposed common format for other 
software. It is available from the VHF & Up main page at 
http://www.aa1yn.com/vhf I have managed to optimize it so the query takes 
only 2 seconds for the full database and is generated online containing the 
latest information. If you are in the database and do not have your station 
information there, you may/will not appear in the CALL3.TXT as you must 
atleast have a WSJT station entered.  If you want the EME flag to appear, 
you must enter your EME setup.  After you log in to change your 
information, you will see a "Station Setup" button at the bottom of the 
page.  Click on this to enter your station information by mode and band.

Once you are registered with the VHF & Up database, there is an online 
scheduling site much like PingJockey.  The meteor scatter and JT pages are 
there as a backup for PJ but I also have a page for EME CW and VHF 
weaksignal.  You are more than welcome to use these pages.  The main page 
for this website is at http://vhftalk.aa1yn.com and the links to the pages 
are there.  You must be registered with the VHF & Up database to access it 
and you will have to log in only once to set cookies on your PC.

Enjoy & 73

Lee Scott - AA1YN http://www.aa1yn.com
Home of the VHF & Up Register http://www.aa1yn.com/vhf
Home of the VHF Talk chatroom http://vhftalk.aa1yn.com
Hooksett, NH

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