[VHFcontesting] Promoting the ARRL UHF contest through Rovermania

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Mon Feb 21 14:31:26 EST 2005

The following is a cut & paste from an email letter that I sent to the
contact name for 27 different VHF contesting clubs.   If you have not seen
this, please pass it along as you see appropriate.

73, Jon

Hello fellow VHF/UHF & microwave club members.  This open letter is being
sent to the contact name for 27 ARRL affiliated clubs who have submitted
club aggregate scores during 2004.  These 27 clubs, along with the Northern
Lights Radio Society (NLRS), represent nearly 5,000 VHF contesters.   The
purpose of the letter is to solicit your support for the 2005 ARRL UHF

In 2004 the NLRS advanced the concept of  "Rovermania" for the ARRL's
August UHF contest.  Rovermania was born at our annual Spring Conference in
April.  During the summer months it quickly became a point of discussion
and planning on our clubs reflector.  Check out our 2004 Rovermania
planning at our club's website at
http://www.nlrs.org/RoverPlans/2004-08/RoverMania.htm .

The  results?   Check out the contest write up at
http://www.remote.arrl.org/members-only/contests/results/2004/Aug-UHF/  .
Overall, the contest saw an increase of 29 logs (from 140 in 2003 to 169 in
2004).   Of this increase, 13 were from Dakota Division, 2 were from the
Central Division, and 7 were from the Midwest Division, all areas of NLRS
influence.  These 22 logs represent about 75% of the growth from 2003 to

Its clear that Rovermania had a significant impact on growth, but that
growth was only regional, and this is where the purpose of this letter
comes in.   I would like to strongly encourage your club to sponsor your
own version of
Rovermania in your area.   What might that involve ?
1.  Take a look at the NLRS link above to see how we organized in our area.

2.  Make an announcement at your club function, club meeting, or club
breakfast.  Take on the challenge of increasing logs.   Find a Rovermania
champion for your club.
3.  Encourage sharing of rover ideas,  equipment, locations, etc.
4.  Promote the event within your club.

For 2005 the NLRS will once again be sponsoring Rovermania for our club
(actually Rovermania II) in parallel with the ARRL's August UHF contest.
We plan to have even more rovers in the field this year with more bands.
I think  all of you know how exciting a contest can be when there is one
well equipped rover operating in your area.  Now think of three such
rovers, five, seven, ten.

The NLRS will be posting this letter onto our website at
http://www.nlrs.org/ , probably as part of our Rovermania II planning.   I
hope to hear back from each of you and your club as to your thoughts about
supporting the UHF
contest and Rovermania.   I would be glad to post any such replies on our
website for all clubs to  see.

Share this open letter with others whom you think may be interested.  Lets
make the 2005 ARRL UHF contest one to  remember.   Be a champion for
Rovermania in your area and lets demonstrate the same regional growth we

President, NLRS.

Club List:  Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club, Rochester VHF Group, Potomac Valley
Radio Club, North East Weak Signal  Group, South Mountain Contest Club,
Society of Midwest Contesters, Pacific Northwest VHF Society, Western
States Weak Signal Society, Badger Contesters, Yankee Clipper Contest
Club, Florida Contest Group, Mad River Radio Club, Crawford County ARC,
Contest Club Ontario, South Jersey Radio Association, Carolina DX
Association, Northern California Contest Club, Bergen ARA, Tennessee
Contest Group, Warminster ARC, Delaware Valley VHF Society, Eastern
Panhandle ARC, North Texas Microwave Society, Roadrunners Microwave Group,
Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado, Downey ARC, Dauberville DX Association

- end -

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