[VHFcontesting] Estate VHF equipment

David L. Martin dlmarti at kc2lcf.net
Sun Feb 27 14:45:49 EST 2005

A friend of mine is trying to sell some VHF equipment for a widow of a
local Ham.  Please email him with any questions (I know nothing):
ggunzelman at zcloud.net

Mirage 6m amp  A1015
Mirage  220 amp  C1012
Kenwood 2m All-mode TS700SP  #820021
Kenwood 6m All-mode TS600   #710276
Icom 220 All-mode (I forget the model, but it is the most recent one).
Icom 70cm All-mode IC471H  #01131

All of the rigs have either a built in PS, or come with a PS.
We cannot find the jumpers from the Kenwood PS to the Rig.
The Icom's have tone-encode, the Kenwood's have neither.

David L. Martin <w0snj at arrl.net>

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