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pbreeson pbreeson at cogeco.ca
Wed Jun 8 07:56:43 EDT 2005

Boys, point those beams north.
VE3BHI/R will be out for the first time this June for the VHF Contest.
I will be starting the contest in FN25 (Vankleek Hill) and moving through 
FN15, FN14, FN24, to FN13 where I plan to be spending the night camping by 
the lake.
In the morning its' off to FN04 then FN03.  If the van and antennas are 
holding together I will pass home and continue to EN93 and EN92.
This will be my first time roving so that's about the best schedule that I 
can give.  If anybody has any spots (way points?) they would care to share 
please feel free to Email me (pbreeson at cogeco.ca):  I really have not 
planned any particular locations to stop and set up other than the camp 
site Saturday night
My equipment this trip:
3 Bands only, Yaesu-897
Antennas:  6m Loop while driving and 3 element beam at 23 feet
                  2m Loop and 6 Element beam at 25 feet
                  70cm Loop and 12 element beam at 24 feet
I may FM on 2m, but otherwise will be SSB only.

Peter Breeson
1008 Riverbank Way
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 6X1


ve3bhi at rac.ca 

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