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Sat Nov 19 09:33:16 EST 2005

--- VE5ZX <ve5zx at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The surveys indicate that there appears to support
> for the 'contests within contests' but no one has
> forward to carry the idea forward

This is exactly what happened for the Fall VHF Sprints
this year.  A new real-time score-revealing logging
system was released and a "contest within a contest"
was run, using that system.

How'd I do in the 6-meter sprint?

Fourth out of all participants in the sub-contest of
logger users.
First place in my power category.
First place in my Grid4.
First place in my Region (defined as 3x5 Grid4's).

Look at my screen shot here:

How did I do in the "bigger" contest?  I don't know. 
I didn't submit my log.  I was interested only in my
"sub contest", where I knew the result as soon as the
contest was over.  I'm sure others had fun, too. :)

We're now ready to test a version of the logger that
periodically auto "dials and uploads" for dial-up
Internet users.  Join the e-newsletter group at the
bottom of the hyperlink to be part of the pre-public
Beta e-newsletter community (and become part of the
alpha testing group).

Ev, W2EV
PS. I included the VHF Contesting list as an fyi.

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