[VHFcontesting] VE3SMA/R UHF Contest Plan

Steve Kavanagh sjkavanagh1 at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 4 23:11:49 EDT 2006

I plan to be roving this weekend for the UHF contest. 
I hope to be active on all bands 222 MHz -24 GHz with
exception of 5.7 GHz.  Exactly what 24 GHz gear I will
able to fit in the vehicle is still up in the air. 
Sked requests for 24 GHz narrowband would result in a
higher likelihood I'll squeeze that gear in.  It will
be there for sure (somehow!) if someone is willing to
do FN03 on 24 GHz while I am in FN14, since I need
that combination to finish my VUCC.

Everything is the usual QRP, same as June:
222: 2W, 6 el
432: 5W, 10 el
903: 5W, 7 el
1296: 0.5W, 10 el
2304: 1W, 55 el
3456: 1W, horn
10 GHz: 250mW, 2ft dish
24 GHz: 0.5W, 1ft dish

FN04xa 1800-2000Z
FN13bx 2030-2100Z 
FN14ba 2120-2400Z
will be poking around EN93xj/FN03xj area
0230-0330Z...locals may hear me but I will not be at
good sites.

EN93sg 1230-1430Z
EN92op 1600-1800Z

Hope to work lots of you.  Sked requests are
welcome...last email check will be at about 1330Z
tomorrow morning.

Steve VE3SMA

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