[VHFcontesting] WB8BZK/R Plans for ARRL UHF Contest

Mike Metroka VHFRover at aol.com
Sat Aug 5 00:05:16 EDT 2006

WB8BZK/R will be out roving the ARRL August UHF contest so point your beams
towards Chicago on August 5 & 6.  I'll be starting out at 1800Z at the
Greene Valley hill in EN51xr near Woodridge, IL (about 26 miles SW of
Chicago). I'll operate from this great location that has a good view of the
horizon in all directions for about three hours.

I'll move to EN61ax for a short stop to activate this grid for about an hour
starting at 2200Z.  I won't set up the mast and beams at this location due
to the short duration but I expect that I will be able to catch all of the
locals from this spot and some more distant Qs on 222.

At about 0030Z I'll be set up on another great hill at Nichol Knoll EN62ad
in Arlington Hts, IL and will operate from there until the park closes at

Sunday morning I will set up at about 1400Z on a ridge near Plato Center, IL
EN52sa  which is just west of Elgin, IL.  I'll operate from this location
until the end of the contest at 1800Z.

Bands will include 222.090 (120W into 4 el & loop while mobile), and 432.090
(70W into 10 el & stacked loops while mobile), & 1296.1 (35W into 21 el & 3
el PCB antenna while mobile). I'll also occasionally monitor 144.260  (100W
into 4 el & loop while mobile) for activity.  For locals I'll monitor 223.5
FM continuously.  Unfortunately, my 903 transmitter is still out of

Hope that you can join in on the fun.  Best of luck to everyone in the

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