[VHFcontesting] Summer MS contest results

YU7GOL golmscont at ptt.yu
Sat Aug 5 03:10:37 EDT 2006

Greetings to all MS operators...

As you already know, Radio Club "Golubinci" YU7GOL - YT7G
organised the first Summer MS contest from 16th to 18th of
June 2006. Besides numerous letters of support, suggestions
and comments, there has been only one contest log received
from Ivan, RA3WDK.

RA3WDK - Ivan is a WINNER of the first "SUMMER MS CONTEST"
and the recipient of a plaque and a certificate in category
"Single Operator".

There was intensive activity of FSK441 stations during the
contest. The reflections were good and that allowed for
nice QSOs to be completed.

The organisers have accepted a suggestion that North
American stations be classified as a separate category.
Results will be placed on folowing URL's:

Participants are encouraged to send more logs next year.

We wish you good reflections!

Best regards,
Summer MS C Committee           mailto:golmscont at ptt.yu

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