[VHFcontesting] N0DQS August UHF

Gene gmitch at IowaTelecom.net
Sat Aug 5 02:13:47 EDT 2006

Going to try to be in position to start near Lake Wilson (Buffalo Ridge) 
EN14/24 will try to do 1 to 1.5 hr in each based on activity then south to 
EN12/13 and about the same time there as well as EN22/23 in Northwest Iowa 
then east to Algona and some R & R for this ole body unless I am there ahead 
of schedule. EN33/32 and can do 22/23 again if needed then south to EN21/31. 
I will try to do 1-1.5 hr in each grid as needed for activity. If Murphy 
stays away this year I will be happy. If I get really ahead of schedule I 
will try for a couple more grids to the south (En20/30) but I think that 
will be unlikely.
I will have 222 thru 24 Ghz along with looong yagis on 902,2304,3456 and 
good power and 19 elements and a brick on 432 and 7 elements and a brick on 
222. Two stacked 35 element Yagis on 1.2 and 10 watts and good power on 5.7 
and 10 ghz with elevated dishes ( about 15 ft )
I will be listening on 432.1 as much or more than 222.1, since most of the 
freqs above are being used by other rovers I will listen on the call and try 
to qsy when possible to 432.09 and 222.09 etc. I will see if Murphy leaves 
me alone for this years UHF. Hope to give out grids to a bunch of you so 
look my way. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.


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