[VHFcontesting] uWave Contest Rules Question

k_berglund at waymark.net k_berglund at waymark.net
Wed Aug 9 18:46:21 EDT 2006

This may have been brought up before, but I’m new to VHF contesting
involving frequencies above 902 MHz, so bear with me.

In the ARRL UFH/VHF contests, on 902 MHz and above, the dividing line
between a High Power station and a Low Power station is 10 Watts PEP.

If I have a small amplifier  brick in my 902 MHz transverter putting out
20 watts PEP, and a measured 4 dB worth of relay, connector, and coax
cable attenuation between it and the antenna, what class am I in and why.

Keith  WB5ZDP

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