[VHFcontesting] uWave Contest Rules Question

Radiosporting Fan radiosporting at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 9 21:53:36 EDT 2006

> If I have a small amplifier  brick in my 902 MHz
> transverter putting out 20 watts PEP, and a 
> measured 4 dB worth of relay, connector, and coax
> cable attenuation between it and the antenna, what
> class am I in and why.

Hi Keith,

For the record, my opinion and $0.99 gets you a "Big
Gulp" at the corner mini-market.  Here it is...

Taking a close look at the ARRL rules for VHF
contests, you'll notice that they *never* reference
ERP.  On the other hand, they do reference the term
"Power Output" twice (Rules 1.15, 2.2.1). 
Traditionally, this is the power measured at the final
output stage of your station.

I do not work for the ARRL, adjudicate for the ARRL,
check logs for the ARRL.  I am happy, however, to
drink a Gig Gulp between contest CQ's. :)

Ev, W2EV

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