[VHFcontesting] Categories, The next generation [was: uWave Contest Rules Question]

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Fri Aug 11 17:54:26 EDT 2006

I believe that the "secret" is not to "slice the
apple" any thinner at all (each "slice", being a
category).  The future of contesting is in realizing
that stations with (1) Good locations, (2) high power,
(3) good equipment, (4) operating for long periods of
time and (4) skilled operator(s) will have the highest
scores.  To get higher in the rankings, one needs to
enhance one or more of the above.

The future of radio sports will require participants
to "register" the conditions under which their station
competed and have that revealed alongside their score.
 Competitors could then decide just how well they did
against similarly configured stations.

Call  Grid Band ERP COR Op   Score
                    ALT Time
W2AAA FN03  A   400  44   22 107,501
W3BBB FN01  A  1000  20   10  55,332
etc.  etc.  etc....

Note: COR-ALT=Center of Radiation, Above Local Terrain

FWIW, that is where the RFSport.com initiative is

Ev, W2EV

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