[VHFcontesting] question about portable operator class

Ed Swiderski, KU4BP ku4bp at triad.rr.com
Sun Aug 20 13:01:18 EDT 2006

Like I said earlier, I've just got into VHF contesting last year. I like the
portable operation. After years of HF contesting and Dxing in a confined
shack, operating outside is a real breath of fresh air, sort of speak.


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I would love to see a QRP category for home stations.  This is the way I
operated the last two years.  Having played rover for a couple of times, I
don't have the inclination nor desire to do the portable thing...but am
quite happy running QRP from home.

I doubt that it will ever happen...but would be nice to see.


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Bob Witte K0NR wrote:

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>><<  From reading the rules, looks like 10 watts PEP or  less, portable 
>>power source and portable antennas = portable operator class.
>>Unless you're out to win a plaque I'd run all the power you can. Go 
>>100 watts or better on 6 and 2. No sense suffering.
>>John K9RZZ
>It depends on your objective and personal preferences. I agree that 
>having 100W (or more!) will get you more contacts and grids. On the 
>other hand, I've had a really good time doing the QRP (I mean, Single 
>Operator Portable) approach.
>Why would you want to do QRP?....there are several different answers:
>  - just because (that old QRP "what can I do on low power?" challenge)
>  - with the ARRL rules, it puts you in competition with other portable 
>stations (only), not the big stations at home
>  - simplifies the portable power issue (smaller battery, etc.)
>  - you can go "backpack portable" and hike to a great spot
>Your mileage may vary. Personal preference applies. Just be sure to 
>have fun!
>Note that there is a VHFQRP list on yahoo groups:
>73, Bob K0NR
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