[VHFcontesting] question about portable operator class

Bob Witte K0NR list at k0nr.com
Sun Aug 20 20:40:14 EDT 2006

It is worth noting that the CQ WW VHF Contest has a slightly different 
approach to QRP entry categories:

Single-Op All-Band QRP.
There are no location restrictions – home or portable – for stations 
running 10 watts output or less.

Hilltopper. This is a single-op QRP portable category for an all-band 
entry limited in time
to a maximum of 6 continuous hours. Backpackers and portables who do not 
want to
devote resources and time to the full contest period are encouraged to 
especially to activate rare grids. Any power source is acceptable.

 From http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com/VHFContest_Rules2006050206.pdf

I find the 6 hour Hilltopper category fun, especially for "backpack 
portable" operations.

73, Bob K0NR

curtis roseman wrote:
> Gentlemen: 
> I agree with K0NR regarding the goals of running QRP.   It can be fun, challenging, adventurous, economical, and a lot of other things.  
> I would not support a QRP category for home stations in the ARRL contests.  (We do have a QRP category that includes home stations, by the way, in the CQWW VHF Contest.)    We do not need another entry category--the competition is already spread thin because of the many categories, and with the current set we have a variety of opportunities for anyone to participate.  The current ARRL Single Operator Portable [QRP] category is good because it emphasizes getting out into the field; and many of us can do it with relatively simple equipment and antennas.   
> 73, Curt Roseman k9aks
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>> I would love to see a QRP category for home stations.  This is the 
>> way I 
>> operated the last two years.  Having played rover for a couple of 
>> times, 
>> I don't have the inclination nor desire to do the portable 
>> thing...but 
>> am quite happy running QRP from home.
>> I doubt that it will ever happen...but would be nice to see.
>> 72,
>> -- 
>> Jeff Embry, K3OQ

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