[VHFcontesting] QRP vs portable

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Tue Aug 22 10:22:20 EDT 2006

Yes, you can do whatever you want.  There are no separate categories for 
QRP at home in ARRL contests, however. You'll be up against the 
"low-power" class if you operate from home. So if you're just out to have 
fun (and it's all fun, isn't it?) keep that in mind.

My very first ARRL VHF contest was on 144 MHz only running 5 watts to a 5 
element beam on a tripod in my second-floor apartment.  There was a great 
tropo opening that Saturday and I actually worked EN13 from EN50 with it.
I was ecstatic!

73, Zack W9SZ

On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Fisher, Mike wrote:

> If you want to run QRP and only do 10w then you should be able to do
> this from home. Two friends and myself did a portable setup on a
> mountain top using a generator for power, like a mix of field day and
> rover. We entered as a multi-limited because of using 4 bands but
> looking back we were a portable setup. I think QRP should be QRP and
> portable should be portable. If someone wants to take amps and run a KW
> on a generator, so what. Remember, some of these groups do activate a
> rare grid (or a lightly used grid) and are a hot contact. I'm not
> looking to change the rules but gain a better understanding of them.
> Thanks,    Mike Fisher N3VOP

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