[VHFcontesting] QRP vs portable

Fisher, Mike Mike.Fisher at marriott.com
Tue Aug 22 08:57:51 EDT 2006

If you want to run QRP and only do 10w then you should be able to do
this from home. Two friends and myself did a portable setup on a
mountain top using a generator for power, like a mix of field day and
rover. We entered as a multi-limited because of using 4 bands but
looking back we were a portable setup. I think QRP should be QRP and
portable should be portable. If someone wants to take amps and run a KW
on a generator, so what. Remember, some of these groups do activate a
rare grid (or a lightly used grid) and are a hot contact. I'm not
looking to change the rules but gain a better understanding of them.

Thanks,    Mike Fisher N3VOP

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