[VHFcontesting] 903 beacon's

radioman01 radioman01 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 17 16:05:52 EST 2006

id like to talk with you on the phone if possible about that AMP
and the interface, and how you came to that...
i can call you or the other way around...


Dana Rawding wrote:
> Tony,
> Thanks for passing the info along.
> Mine is home brew though all my other transverter 50 - 432 and 1296 
> are DEMI.  You could add a 150W for about $35 from RDR Electronics.  I 
> got my 300W PA from them for $70!  If you really want 30W the first 
> gain stage in the 150W PA is a MRF897 at 30W.  It's on it's own board 
> so you could pull it out if you needed. For under $50 you really can't 
> go wrong.  Conversion is simple at: 
> http://www.vhfsouth.org/tutorials/902.htm
> When I get my antenna up I'll drop you an email and we can give it a 
> shot.
> Dana
> On Dec 17, 2006, at 12:39 AM, radioman01 wrote:
>> Dana,
>> i built my xverter from the DEMI kit about a year ago.. back when they
>> were just 10 watts, i was hoping to convert mine up to 20 or 30 
>> watts....
>> Tony
>> NN1D

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