[VHFcontesting] LOTW general log question

kevin kaufhold kkaufhold at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 19 23:16:30 EST 2006

I am working through all my old VHF contest logs,
putting them into LOTW.  So far, my oldest confirmed
QSL through LOTW is the June, 1990 contest, some 16
years ago. The older contests are only generating 1 or
2 QSL's, while the more recent VHF tests from 2004
through 2006 are running between 7 and 20% QSL rates. 
These percentages are sure to rise when ARRL begins to
supports VUCC on LOTW. 

My question is this: I am now moving into my old VHF
general station logs.  Whenever I attempt to upload a
file to LOTW, it wants a specific contest.  Is there
some designation or label to tell LOTW that I am
uploading a general operating log and not a contest
log?  I have looked through the documentation, and
have not found much, although I probably have missed

Thank you.


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