[VHFcontesting] WANT dow key relay

WB4UNA at aol.com WB4UNA at aol.com
Wed Dec 20 14:51:16 EST 2006

Well, I got the 220 amp complete . But I am in need of a  antenna relay to 
get it on the air. I am looking for a Dow Key relay if  possible or something 
that will work. I have in use a 412 series relay  that works great on the other 
2 amps. The amps I am using are the old FAA  amps, am 6154 and 6155. If you 
have anything out there that I might can  use drop me a line and let what you 
have and the price. I want to get it  up and running before the January contest.
thanks Randy
WB4UNA since 1970 
Carlus M. Randy Chavis
247 Goff  Court
West Columbia
SC 29172


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