[VHFcontesting] 2006 June VHF QP LCR comments

HEMBREE at asu.edu HEMBREE at asu.edu
Fri Dec 22 13:51:15 EST 2006

Call: N7IR
ARRL Section: AZ

*** Summary ***

     277 raw QSO before duplicate removal and checking reductions
     271 net QSO after duplicate removal and checking reductions
     288 net QSO points after checking
     141 net multipliers after checking
   40608 final score

       4 (1.4%) duplicates
       0 (0.0%) calls copied incorrectly
       0 (0.0%) exchanges copied incorrectly
       1 (0.4%) not in log
       4 (1.4%) calls unique to this log only

*** Not In Log ('N') ***

Lines beginning with the letter 'N' are judged to be 'Not In Log'. This means 
we have the other station's log, and your call, or a call close to it, does 
not appear in that log on this band. This QSO is removed from the log and an 
extra one qso penalty is assessed.

N  144 PH 2006-06-10 2231 N7IR         DM44 KK1J         DM42

*** Format errors ***

The following line numbers were not processed due to format 
problems. They have been removed with no additional penalty.

N7IR line 181
50 PH 2006-06-11 1907 N7IR DM44 VA7UNEF DN09

Kind of annoying that the log checker didn't pick up on VA7UNEF since the ARRL 
announced this operation in more than one of its bulletins.  

The NIL is really puzzling since I distinctly remember working KK1J, the only 
station I worked in DM42 that weekend!  He was also QRP Portable, about 130 
miles near-LOS from me on Mt. Lemmon, and was LOUD using a 5 watt rig and hand-
held beam.  Maybe Cabrillo conversion problems bit him.

Hope to work you all in the 2007 June VHF QP.

Happy Holidays and 73,
Gary, N7IR

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