[VHFcontesting] 6m Sprint: Realtime Scoreboard & CWAC

RFSport Commissioner rfsport_com at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 21 20:35:55 EDT 2006

The Southeastern VHF Society is sponsoring the 50 MHz North American Sprints tonight.  Sponsor information on the event may be retrieved at: http://svhfs.org/fall_sprint_rules.htm
For those who like their competition a little more eXtreme...
RFSport.com is offering another opportunity to participate in a Contest Within A Contest (CWAC) for anyone wishing to use the free SportLogger contest logging system (which may be downloaded from http://www.RFSport.com).  While the software is considered "alpha version" (and should be treated as such, if you use it), it appeared to play well for previous sprint events.
This is unique approach to radio sports.  While there are many features of the system described on the web site, some of the highlights include:
1. SportLogger is a *real time* contest logging system.  Accuracy is part of the competition.  Participants may modify their logs during the competition only.  Once the event has concluded, no further editing is permitted.  Edit simply by double-clicking in the log-window.
2. SportLogger is a *real time* score boarding system for "always on" Internet connected participants and a *near real time* system for "on demand" (dial-up) Internet participants.  Scores and log entries are sent to a central score boarding system in real-time (or cached and uploaded when an Internet connection is sensed).  Logged callsigns are "masked" during the competition (to reduce unsportsmanlike conduct) and revealed at the end.  
3. RFSport.com hosts an archive of past CWAC'd events.  See the "Scoreboard Central" hyperlink on http://www.RFSport.com to view them.
4. Cabrillo logs can be generated for submittal to the event sponsor.  Remember: RFSport is not affiliated with the event sponsor.  Participants must still submit their entry according to sponsor rules.
5. RFSport certificates are based on performance relative to the rest of the field.  Scores in the 70th Percentile will qualify for a Silver-level certificate showing that they scored higher than 70 percent of other participants.  Scores in the 90th percentile will qualify for a Gold-level certificate showing that they scored higher than 90 percent of the other participants.

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