[VHFcontesting] Misc 903 Mhz and 222 Mhz Stuff For Sale

David Mennerich david.n2teb at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 11:57:49 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I have a few items for sale.  I was planning on getting into 903 and
222, but I'm going to sell the items I have for these bands and
concentrate on the 4 bands my current radio can support

1)  903 Looper from Directive Systems - 3319LYK (72" boom, 19 element)
 - Brand New, never used.  It is currently assembled, but it can be
taken apart for shipping.  $85 shipped (disassembled).

2)  Homebrew 903 Transverter - May need some work - I was given this
Xverter for free and some documentation but I haven't had the time to
experiment with it much (from Gus - K3GYS).  I was told the LO may
need to be tweaked a bit.  See the pictures on the web site listed
below.  Separate RX/TX (BNC) - 28Mhz, 903 Antenna (N).  I'm offering
this for free and hopefully someone can get some use out of it.  Free
if it's picked up or dropped off locally, $30 if I have to ship.

3)  Demi 28Mhz Common IF to Separate RX/TX - I bought this from DEMI
to use on the Homebrew 903 Transverter listed above.  This is brand
new and haven't hooked it up yet.  A couple pictures can also be found
at the link below.  $40 shipped.  Prefer to sell this along with the
transverter as a group package.

4)  222MHz Cushcraft Beam - 225WB - 15 element, 3 reflector elements,
19' boom.  I purchased this antenna used from another ham but never
tried it myself.  I was told it works fine however one of the
reflector elements is broken.  The boom, elements, and hardware are in
fair condition.  $50.00 - Pickup or local dropoff only.

If you have any questions, please email me @ david.n2teb at gmail.com

73, Dave N2TEB

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