[VHFcontesting] June VHF Contest Plans - KG6IYN DM12rr - Updated

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Wed Jun 6 16:55:22 EDT 2007

Corrected copy as below - Thanks !!!!





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Hi folks,


It's that time again and we'll be at the usual location in DM12rr in
Southern California .


All bands from 50 thru 1296, will be taking a 3' dish and have 25 watts (no,
not missing a decimal point there:-) on 10Ghz - other bands are a question
mark as there it's usually slim pickings down here on 2304 thru 5760, but we
may take the extra exuipment anyway .


Hope to hear folks (especially the rovers on 10Ghz) on this weekend even if
it's just to stop by and pass out points or (even better), giving the new
folks a chance to sample VHF contesting  . 


Will be on all modes as needed, including EME, MS, and Digital again this
year !!!!!  If you need this grid square confirmed, please let me know -
also hoping to have more folks in Arizona (DM33/34/43/44) on 1296 and maybe
10Ghz ????


73 - KG6IYN

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