[VHFcontesting] W1RT/R schedule

John D'Ausilio jdausilio at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 21:25:14 EDT 2007

Xtof and I will be firing up the Jitney for a run on Saturday and
Sunday .. not the usual route, as I'm in the process of moving and
things are pretty crazy.

Proposed schedule:

FM09 1400 1530 Elkins grid square corner
EM99 1630 1745
EM98 1745 1900
FM07 2200 2315 Somewhere near the corner
FM17 2315 0030
FM18 0030 0230 op while driving, maybe a stop on Bull Run
FN00 1000 1130 Blue Knob
FN10 1230 1400 Broad Mntn
FM19 1500 1630 Big Mntn
FM08 1900 2300 Hogback

Probably will update in-flight .. gud luck to all

de w1rt + on4iy
The East Coast Grid Grinders

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