[VHFcontesting] K4TS Field Day 2007 - W4SHG Op

Steve Gilmore shg at midatlanticbb.com
Thu Jun 21 22:24:28 EDT 2007

Well Field Day is upon us and as usual I am building a ridiculious VHF
station in Curtis Park, Fredericksburg Virginia.
I will have 6, 2, 220, 440 and 1200 this year at 120 feet in a lift with a
piece of Rohn tower bolted to the top with a 20 foot mast called the
lightning catcher.

Big antennas on all bands and 150 watts at the antenna, (Low Power Field

I am looking forward to hearing some activity on the VHF bands this Field
Day as last year the wx was extremely bad.
I would love to post 300 Q's but need help on the upper bands. If you have
the time stop by and look for K4TS.

I will also be using a 40 foot boom on 10 Meters to see if we can crank out
some activity there.
Seems it has been open lately.

I will look for you all this weekend from FM18 de W4SHG op for K4TS the
Rappahannock Valley Amateru Radio Club.

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