[VHFcontesting] hf nets

frank bechdoldt k3uhf at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 27 01:26:36 EDT 2007

What I did was carry two radios an ic 706 for hf on a screwdriver antenna 
and a ic 746 for 100 watts on 2 meters.  I activated 3 or four grids this 
way on that net.  The idea being that the people knew I was out there in a 
rare grid when I said I would be.  IE sometimes we say we are going 
portable, and then things go sour and some poor guy waits for you to 
activate a rare grid you never make it to.  It was tricky running the net on 
144.240 and on 80 meters at the same time.

I eventually ended it when I got divorced. I ran it from home as well but I 
have yet to put up a decent hf antenna here. Len wa6klk was on it quite a 
bit and continued to chew a rag there on saturday nights wirh others after I 

The biggest pluses up here in the northwest are the local and regional ssb 
nets and sometimes rag chews on 2 meter ssb.

73 Frank

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