[VHFcontesting] HF nets for VHF activity?

steve d kc8qvo at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 01:37:40 EDT 2007

Hmm. Well what does everyone think I should do for an HF frequency? I  can run all bands - including 60m. Im not sure if 60m would be  appropriate, though. It is a new band and not everyone is going to have  access to it. On the other hand - its channelized. It wont be too hard  to stick to one or two channels HI. 
  My original thought was to have a frequency on 20 and 40. 40 wouldnt be  good from evening through the night, though - too much QRM from the  broadcasters (Im a general, so I have to stay above 7.225 on sideband).  75 wouldnt be very good, either. Thats the trash can of the ham bands  and just about everyone is running a kw or more. 40 would be good  during the day, though, which is when I would be most active - say,  anywhere between 1500 and 0200utc. 20m could be used if 40 is too  short. 
  Steve, KC8QVO

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