[VHFcontesting] Humans as Social Creatures [was: indoor antennas on 50 MHz]

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 06:11:53 EST 2007

The morph of the thread into APRS is an interesting one if we concentrate on the underlying issue: the human desire to socialize.

HF Contesting allows humans to socialize easily, so it is quite popular.
APRS allows the same thing, and it is popular.

VHF Contesting is most social when it is applied in conjunction with a club activity, multi-op, Rover-pack or Rover Circle (two different reasons between a pack and a circle).  Propagation (ability to socialize) is the limiting factor for us.

One can socialize more easily in the VHF Contesting world by:
1. Forming/joining a club (_very_ important)
2. Participating at a Multi-op (a variation of #1)
3. Creating a Rover Pack/Circle (another variation of #1)
4. Activating a rare grid (becoming sought-after by others)
5. Realizing that incrementally building up station
   capabilities will make one easier to work (socialize)

   a. Vertical FM antennas are poor socialization catylists
   b. A horizontal dipole/halo is a 20+ dB better catylists
   c. 4x 17b2's are 20 dB's better yet
   -Power Level-
   a. 2.5 watts is a fair local socializing power level
   b. 25 watts is a good moderate-area socializing level
   c. 250 watts will get you "noticed at the regional party"
   d. 1.5 kw makes you the life of the party

Let's get socializing!  The party that we call the "Spring Sprints" has been picked up for sponsorship (thanks, Jon!).  The RFSport.com team is hoping to offer Internet Realtime Reporting (a way to socialize beyond your normal RF range without being considered "spotting", by the way).  Will we see you at the "party"?

Ev, W2EV

PS - By the way, "easy socialization" is the reason that the Pony Express was so popular when introduced in the 1800's, the reason why SW listening was popular, eventually overshadowed by TV, overshadowed by personal radio (ham, cb, etc) and now overshadowed by Internet as the most popular to the masses.  It has nothing to do with what is better (CW is faster than cell-phone SMS!), only with what will allow the most people to socialize as easily as possible.

The fish are biting. 
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