[VHFcontesting] Bringing newbies to VHF-UHF

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Thu Mar 1 14:52:08 EST 2007

The contest is still thriving! I took over for Sean when he left this 
area.  We had one back at the end of January. According to the logs sent 
in, there were 32 different callsigns in the logs. I posted the results 


I received many comments from people asking if we could have more of them 
in a year.  We're looking at four a year right now.

So this is a start!  I'm thinking we can have a get-together of the 
participants and then I can invite them to see what a weak-signal 
VHF contest looks like.

73, Zack W9SZ

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Sean Kutzko wrote:

> For me, I was interested in showing the local Techs
> ("shack-on-a-belt") around Champaign, IL that there
> was more to 2m than just repeaters. I started
> sponsoring a 1-hour 2m FM simplex contest for hams in
> the area, using cities as multipliers. Rovers were
> accepted. This introduced a bunch of locals not only
> to the potentials of VHF, but contesting as well. The
> results were very strong; many of the new participants
> from the university ham club had never operated
> anything other than 2m or 440 through a repeater. The
> concept of simplex was new to them.
> This local contest, coupled with Field Day, did
> wonders to open the eyes of the newer folks to VHF
> weak-signal work. 
> Open up your shack to anybody who's interested. Answer
> questions. Be an Elmer. Offer to teach classes through
> your local club. Enthusiasm is contagious.
> 73,
> Sean
> Sean Kutzko, Amateur Radio KX9X
> Gillespie, IL       Grid EM59cd
>    http://www.seankutzko.com

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