[VHFcontesting] 6m Sprint: Online Logging and Realtime Scoreboard

RFSport Commissioner rfsport_com at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 21:07:43 EDT 2007


The public is cordially invited to use the RFSport.com Logger for this weekend's 6 meter Sprint.  This is considered to be a Public Beta at this point.  It now supports Cabrillo formatted files for direct submission.

To use the Logger you may do so...
1. WITHOUT Internet access (but having it is significantly "funner")
2. WITH dial-up Internet access (it caches what you do and will sync you up within 5 minutes of connecting to the Internet throughout the event)
3. WITH "always on" Internet (which will keep your heart pounding as you see scores change in real-time!)

Not supported: Rovers (there is no easy way to change your grid within the same event...though you could use a different session for each grid, if you wanted to).

COOL STUFF: Downloadable certificates will be awarded if there are 14 or more scoring participants using the system for the contest.

Download RFSport.com's "Logger" at the hyperlink above.

SPECIAL SETUP NOTE (items for the configuration window):
Scoring Method: Qpts x G4 (even though you can exchange Grid6!)
Select Custom Log Fields: [Undefined]
  - Custom Field Name: "5n6"
  - Field Size: 2
  - Cabrillo Start Location: 78

FINAL NOTES: There is a "Practice" mode.  Use it to familiarise yourself with the system.  Logger allows you to edit ONLY during the contest.  Once the contest is ended, the log is "locked" from editing (we believe that accuracy is part of the contest).  Editing is allowed only for call sign and grid -- "fudging" times is not permitted...though you may certainly delete an entry if you wish.

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