[VHFcontesting] 6 Sprint results

Bill Burgess ve3cru at rac.ca
Mon May 14 14:07:29 EDT 2007

Turned my shack over to newbie contester Betty VE3BLH, loaded the 25 watt Ranger all-mode and hamstick in the Rovermobile and struck out to rover in FN03 and FN04.  Heard several driving north, with American calls and waited till I got to FN04 to seek them.  GONE!  Only worked Betty, 12 miles south, and on reentering FN03 got Betty again and VE3MBA.  W4TAA was loud but could not get the middle letter of my suffix in EL87 when I returned to FN03.

My score is 6.

Betty did much better, running the ProII into a 5 elmt beam locked on 230 from a rotator problem and got FN03, FN04, FN00 and EN91, with 11 qso's in all.

Betty's score is 44.

We both had fun.  Thanks to all participating in this event.


Bill   VE3CRU/R
Betty   VE3BLH

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