[VHFcontesting] W0EEA June contest plans

w0eea at sbbco.net w0eea at sbbco.net
Wed May 30 21:57:01 EDT 2007

The W0EEA unlimited multi-op station will be active for the ARRL

June VHF QSO Party June 9-11, 2007 from our usual location at DM79vh.


We have set up HamIM for rx only unless someone sends us a message.

Visit www.w0eea.com for details and more.

Actively seeking FSK441 meteor scatter skeds for overnight Sat/Sun.

email: w0eea at w0eea.com

The 'white van' rover shown at w0eea.com will also be active.

Call: K0KHZ/R Bands: ABCD9EFGHIJ Should be on HamIM.

Current plans are to start in the Southeastern Colorado grids

then journey up the 90s in KS to NE and over into WY.

We also have (or will have) furnished equipment to add bands to

other rovers including KR5J/R and KR0VER/R.

KR5J ABCD9EGIJK Sat PM only local grids around DM79.

For KR0VER details see www.kr0ver.org

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