[VHFcontesting] KL7FF tentative skeds for June test

Paul Kiesel k7cw at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 22:40:02 EDT 2007

Hello Everybody,

Here is the tentative list of skeds for KL7FF (CO35)
as of May 30, 0200 UTC:

W7EME (CN85)	10 June	0300-0330 UTC  	144.143 MHz
FSK441	KL7FF xmit 1st

VE7DXG (CN88)	10 June	1200-1230	144.143		FSK441	KL7FF
xmit 1st

KL7UW (BP40)	10 June	1430-1500	144.143		FSK441	KL7FF
xmit 1st

NL7OW (BP40)	10 June	1500-1530	144.180		SSB	KL7FF xmit
1st & 3rd 15 seconds

Skeds to be set later with K6MBY (CN88), VE7SL (CN88)
and W7IUV (DN07).

Note: Tail ending after a successful sked is
encouraged. We will be watching for calls.

When things are slow on 50 MHz, we will have a CQ loop
going on 50.103. We will be listening for calls on the
same frequency. Call using CW or SSB.  We will not be
using WSJT on 50 MHz.
Please email me for a sked. We will be on Ping Jockey
before the contest, as well.

Paul, K7CW

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