[VHFcontesting] witch hunting logs

frank bechdoldt k3uhf at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 00:58:10 EST 2008

the term rover witch hunt is exactly what I was talking about last month.
People on the VUAC specificly addressed the beahvior of some rovers in public forums and created a set of rules to make a comprimise. The group ignored the comprimise and now the VUAC has to address it again.  And you call this a witch hunt.
There is always false acusations in the world, public logs will show everyone the data and someone would have to point to the data to prove their case to the contest comittee.  This would occur after the award is awarded.  Unless there is blatent cheating (which is a term you(AA5JG) say we use but we never said these guys are cheating.)  
The Data will show the value of all the contacts in the contest and if the data shows that repetative contatcts between a limited number of stations causes a win as compared to stations who work sereral people then the contesting comunity and the CAC will have to decide how to deal with the issue.  Certainly if grid circlers feel contacts are as valuable as people; who work stations they can not see they will post the logs in full daylight and with pride in the manner they achieved their victory.
Full disclosure equals full honesty. Honest logs will be honest logs. Contoversial methods will be honest as they are now.

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