[VHFcontesting] grid circling bashing

frank bechdoldt k3uhf at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 09:31:11 EST 2008

AH8M wrote
"° Grid Circling is causing less activity and destroying the hobby - ( it has no effect, it is just adding another type of activity, hence more activity)"
Wrong ____people are giving up roving tatics that work everyone to compete this way or giving up roving all together because they cant compete with grid circlers who now dominate all three catagories even though you acknowlege its a seperate activity. Dominating all three rover catagories as a bunch of grid circlers despite the attempted comprimise is destructive and against the the stated puropse of the ARRL comprimise/ rule change.
"° Grid Circling community is a bunch of dirty commies like the old Soviets and North Koreans"
I never said that, I made an analogy.
"° Grid Circling is unchristian"
Another acknowlegment of sunday school lesson that is an analogy of a fruit tree, so I guess I'm saying these guys are bad trees as well.
"° Grid Circling is not friendly"
Well let me correct that one as well and it's my opinion.  Grid circling is not all inclusive in a contest whoes spirit is to encourage everyone to work as many people as possible. Perhaps the fall out of them entering logs in all three rover catagories after the ARRL gave them their own catagory causes some unfriendlyness on here.
"° Publishing logs will show grid circling. ( no need, we all know already it's done and they are justifiably pround of it )"
Many people on here do not get what we are talking about. They say our complaints are baseless, but when we say one of the ways to prove it is to post the logs, they duck ffor cover and say the ARRL has no right to post the logs.  I would use a childhood analogy here, but you would think I'm calling them spoiled little kids or something to that effect.
"° Grid circles are not in harmony with the ecosystem"
Another jump here.  Not posting logs is not harmony.  Why are our dues paying for awards when we cant see how the competitors earned them?  Do you pay Joe the plumber without an invoice? I do know we bailout wall street without one.  So I suppose I just said the grid circlers are bad plumbers fleecing us on wall street and are not likely to give us much credit.
Also ecosystems are give and take by everyone in the system, grid circlers just work each other to win. Its a fair compairison. 
This is what I meant on how an open debate gets twisted when people are uncomfortable. 
Thes guys are well educucated well equiped and well organized. 
They stated that they originally started doing this behavior to show the flaws in the contest.
So in doing this they know they are generating a problem.
I don't know if its to win or to get at the ARRL.

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