[VHFcontesting] Rovers

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 8 15:48:41 EST 2008

--- On Mon, 12/8/08, Tom Carney <tomc at carneysugai.com> wrote:
>> "Rover-to-Rover QSO's do not count for contest
>> credit."  That would certainly encourage rovers
>> to create stations that are equipped to make QSO's over
>> greater distances and with other stations.
> This rule change would certainly encourage this rover to
> just stay home.

You've been known to operate from all around San Francisco: CM96 Fremont Peak, CM97 Mt. Hamilton, CM86 Santa Cruz and CM87 Skyline near Palo Alto on ABCD.  I would think that you would instead, increase ERP or add a band or three to reach even more population.

Why would you just stay home?

Ev, W2EV


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